The B2B Marketing Survival Webinar Series (for these crazy times)

Marketing Copilot and Spark Centre are sharing the 5 most important marketing tools your company needs right now.

Join us for a free, 5-part webinar series as we explore 5 important B2B marketing tools that every company needs during these unprecedented times. This series is for entrepreneurs & business leaders who might be worried about how to put their current lead generation program online or deciding if now is even the time to be spending money on marketing.  We developed a 5-part Webinar series to help you with lead generation survival. 

Every Friday starting May 1st, we will spend 30 minutes digging into the 5 most important marketing tools you need to stabilize and grow your business.

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5 Webinar topics to guarantee your company's survival now and in the future.

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If you don't have the right foundational tools in place, its going to be hard to survive in this climate. It's a harsh reality, but companies that are not aggressively communicating with the marketplace and adapting their products and services in times of great need, may not make it through the storm.

Marketing Copilot & The Spark Centre are proud to bring you this 5-part webinar series to explore:

  • How the right message will bring the right people to you in times of crisis
  • Why its even more important now to be sharing content that helps people not sells people
  • The right plan and activities to engage the cautious and scared buyer
  • The role your website plays during lock down
  • Whether to cut marketing or invest in marketing before knowing what the future holds


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